MILAN Analytica offers you the identification of bugs, vermin and parasites

Please send the organisms to our laboratory for identification.
- Smaller bugs like insects and arachnids should be put into 70% alcohol (ethanol, spirit), they also may be fixed with adhesive tape on a piece of paper. Bigger insects/arachnids and other pests like worms, maggots etc. should only be sent in 70% alcohol (ethanol, spirit or just in a clear strong spirit).
- Dust samples can be brought with a brush into a sealed small vessel our plastic pouch
- Samples of supplies and materials in a sealed vessel or plastic pouch.
- Fecal samples (stool samples) in a sealed container or plastic pouch.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail before shipping or in case you should have questions regarding to the identification:



MILAN ANALYTICA AG Baslerstrasse 15 4310 Rheinfelden Switzerland phone 0041 61 845 99 88 fax 0041 61 845 99 87