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Anti-melanoma antibody panel

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please let us introduce to you the new panel of primary antibodies against Melanoma from ScyTek.
ScyTek Laboratories is involved in the manufacture of diagnostic reagents, immunohistochemistry and histology reagents, monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies.
These products are being distributed in Switzerland by MILAN Analytica AG.

Anti-MART-1, clone M2-7C10
Specificity: The clone antibody labels melanomas and other tumors showing melanocyte differentiation.


Anti-Tyrosinase, Clone T311
Specificity: Very specific marker for melanomas, not cross reacting with other tumors or normal tissues tested.

MART-1; Clone M2-7C10 (Concentrate)


Tyrosinase; Clone T311 (Ready-To-Use)

MART-1 (Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T-cells 1), also known as Melan-A, is an 18 kDa melanocyte differentiation antigen recognized by autologous cytotoxic T lymphocytes. MART-1 is expressed in melanosomes and the endoplasmic reticulum. MART-1 is the most widely used marker for identifying malignant melanoma.


Tyrosinase is a key enzyme involved in the initial stages of melanin biosynthesis and a more sensitive marker when compared to HMB45 and MART-1. Tyrosinase (Tyr) is a trans-membrane glycoprotein which plays a key role in the melanosynthetic pathway and is required for the synthesis of both types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin This protein is related with severe skin diseases such as type 1 albinism and melanoma and an important target for anti-melanoma vaccine therapies. Anti-tyrosinase antibodies may be applied for immunotherapy in patients with malignant melanoma.




Anti-S-100, Clone 4C4.9
Specificity: Recognizes the A and B subunits of the S100 protein.


Anti-Melanoma, clone HMB45
Specificity: HMB45 has been shown to be a very specific marker for melanomas.

S-100, Clone 4C4.9


Melanoma; Clone HMB45 (Concentrate)

Recognizes proteins of 21-24kDa, identified as the A and B subunits of S100 protein. S100 belongs to the family of calcium binding proteins such as calmodulin and troponin C. S100A is composed of an alpha and beta chain whereas S100B is composed of two beta chains. Antibody to S100 stains Schwannomas, ependymomas, astrogliomas, almost all benign and malignant melanomas and their metastases. S100 protein is also expressed in the antigen presenting cells such as the Langerhans cells in skin and interdigitating reticulum cells in the paracortex of lymph nodes. S100 protein is highly soluble and may be eluted from tissue during staining.


HMB45 reacts against an antigen present in melanocytic tumors such as melanomas. It reacts positively against melanocytic tumors but not other tumors. The antibody also detects junctional nevus cells but not intra-dermal nevi and against fetal melanocytes but not normal adult melanocytes. The expression of the HMB45 antigen indicates active melanosome formation and thus melanocytic differentiation. Non-melanocytic normal tissues do not react with the HMB45 antibody.




Pan Melanoma: Anti-MART-1/M2-7C10, anti-MART-1/M2-9E3, anti-Melanoma/HMB45, anti-Tyrosinase/T311
Specificity: Melanoma; Pan is a broad spectrum marker for metastatic melanoma.

Melanoma; Pan (Concentrate)

Clones used in this mix:
MART-1/clone M2-7C10
MART-1/clone M2-9E3

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Thank you for your attention and best regards

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